The Island of Cyprus

About Us

The Island of Cyprus Store is dedicated to sharing with others through preserving great videos, articles, and future tours. The island that I love is not only that of my youth it is my only choice after traveling abroad and realizing it is without question the best place on earth. Picture by picture, video by video and both historical and modern article by article this island continues to inspire me every day. I believe it is both my mission and my obligation to share the majesty of my homeland with the world.

We will grow together and expand our merchandise offering, and the quality and experience of our representation of this beautiful land will continue to get better and better. Every photo, video and written word is lovingly crafted and edited by myself, and that will never change. My Cyprus provides me with more than enough love and majesty to share with all who are eager to drink it in, and there is no greater reward than to be allowed to pass it on to others.

What I Believe:

Above all else, I believe in being real. Any business relies on the education and experience of its owner and The Island of Cyprus Store is no exception to that rule. I have more than three decades of ongoing personal training and experience to draw from as well as knowledge from my father and mother and their father’s and mothers. I have been forced to ride my horses through the most spectacular meadows, walk my dogs in incredible mountains and parks, frequent the scenic beaches, dine and drink in great restaurants and clubs, and even to visit the rare historical sites since childhood. I know – it is a cruel sentence, but someone has to do it. I am 100% Cypriot and realize that learning something new each day is the only way to help lead others on a one of a kind journey in this paradise.

I believe that the memories I have of growing up the island are far too happy not to be shared. Seeing the splendor through the eyes of a child and then again and again with the eyes of a man is the only way to fully explain the powerful impact that Cyprus has upon us all. Grabbing hold of all of the rich history passed down through thousands of years and setting eyes upon the places where it all happened will fill new eyes with childlike wonder – it is ok to let go and be young again and be astonished. I can promise you that I am still amazed every day by the sights from decades past.

I believe that the difference between a great experience and the best adventure possible can only come from finding the “character marks” which are far beneath the surface. It is in those little imperfections like in wood or stone that bring out the ultimate beauty. My view of the Island will never be designed to a one-size-fits-all mass production it will remain as original, unaltered and unfiltered as possible. Although it is unfiltered there is no need to boil or distill it; it’s still safe for consumption – not like the water about which they warn tourists. It is merely the truth I’m offering, a glimpse of a naturally beautiful face, like that of my love – too glorious to hide with cosmetics.

Only All Natural Ingredients:

My stories will never contain artificial coloring or scientifically created preservatives, but they have already lasted for thousands of years and will remain as fresh as the day they were built. My photos will never be the mass-produced, standard postcard-ready familiar shots that everyone is accustomed to and be very afraid if raw and untainted grandeur cause anxiety. Beauty is different to every eye, but the rarest of all comes from the simplicity of a perfect scene and the right timing. It may take me 100 photos to find the one who speaks the proper language to the heart, but that’s my sentence and believe me, it is not hard to serve. I will keep on struggling through each breathtaking glimpse of the island until the recipe is worth sharing, we are all about family secrets when it comes to serving up the best feasts both on and off of the plate.

Speaking of dining…

I want to take you with me and experience the Island like only someone who loves and lives every breath of it is capable. To hand over the secrets of the very best places to visit and those out of the way, hard to find treasures to even the first time visitor is my passion. I want to fill each basket with the best delicacies and skip the bland mouthfuls we were forced to eat as children. When it comes to my Island, I am a terrible parent, I believe in spoiling everyone like a child on holiday with only the best and most delectable dishes for the eyes, ears, and soul. At this point I would like to add that there has never been a case of weight gain, high cholesterol, or irregular blood sugar levels from any of the pictures, videos or stories – however, there seems to be a top addiction rate to all of them. The only proven cure for withdrawals from Cyprus is to come back again – I know from personal experience during my studies in Italy and Sweden.

Like I Said About Real:

I’m not going to tell you that everything will be exactly perfect and the way I want it to be right from the start. What I will guarantee is that as we expand together and grow in size that my resources will be dedicated to constant improvement of my mission to present all that is Cyprus in the best possible light. Sharing through the Island of Cyprus Store is my passion and providing everyone with the best look at what has moved me since as long as I can remember is more important to me than anything in the ordinary commercialized methods which are universal.

Welcome to my world – feel free to browse the site, to contact me with questions, ideas, anything you might feel that will present this best place on earth in a better way. I believe that we are all a team and every one of us can help play a part in improving. If you like something, please share your feelings. If you do not enjoy something, please let me know. Together we will make this great.